Altarpiece of Santiago. Parish Church of Elgeta

In the parish church of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción of Elgeta, outside its original place, between the main altar and the sacristy, one can see this altarpiece of Santiago. Although it was believed to be James the Lesser, if we look at the crosier of his right hand we see that it is James the Greater.

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Parish Church of Santa Marina

The parish church of Santa Marina is one of the best examples of churches with columns of Gipuzkoa. It has always been believed that the church was built in 65 years, from 1542 to 1607, but, in reality, its construction lasted 130 years, including 40 years in which the works were stopped due to economic and technical reasons.

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Plateresque Main Altarpiece of the Parish Church of San Pedro

The altarpiece of the main altar of the parish church of San Pedro de Bergara is done in the first half of the 16th century although, given the diversity of its carvings, it was possible to confirm that it was executed at two different times. First, the top part with the three bodies and, later, the seat or the predella.

The upper part consists of 3 bodies divided into 5 columns and finished with a top part. In each of the niches of the first body there is an apostle with his attribute. San Pedro is located in the central column, on his left is San Pablo and Santiago, and to his right is San Andrés and San Bartolomé.

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Altarpiece of the Church of the Convent of the Santísima Trinidad de Bidaurreta

The marriage between Juan López de Lazarraga and his wife, María de Gamboa, founded the monastery of Bidaurreta at the beginning of the 16th century in Oñate. The church with a Latin cross layout stands adjacent to the monastic building and its interior, one can see on the left side of the altarpiece, a beautiful plateresque altarpiece from the first half of the 16 century. Originally it was the main altarpiece of the church, but in the 18th century it took the current place.

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Altarpiece dedicated to San Miguel and the Holy Spirit (Oñati)

The chapel of Sancti Spiritus University can be seen on the fourth right side of the façade. From here we can access the Events Hall from the backside through the choir. The altarpiece is made up of considerable dimensions and is well crafted. This work is attributed to the artist Pierres Picart, who also worked on the chapel of la Piedad of the parish church of San Miguel.

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Chapel of La Piedad of San Miguel (Oñati)

The chapel of La Piedad was built from 1530-1531 funded by Don Rodrigo Mercado de Zuazola.

The chapel can be entered through a 7 meters wide and 8 meters high grille and its central theme is a scene of Piety. On the side of the presbytery there is a second 3.85 meters wide and 8 meters high grille, very similar in its structure, ornamental richness and fretwork to the previous one. One may read the date 1535 on it.

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