The Ignatian Trail

When the knight, Ignatius of Loyola, started his path to spirituality in 1522, he made the decision to go on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. The first part of this pilgrimage took him to Manresa, where he stayed 11 months, from Mat 1522 to March 1523. He took the Royal Road to Barcelona, where he began a journey that would take him on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Based on this experience, he began writing his Book of Spiritual Exercises.

There are more pilgrims than ever who want to take the route completed by Saint Ignatius, seeking an enriching cultural and spiritual experience.


  • Euskal Herria
    1. stage: Loiola-Zumarraga (17,5 km)
    2. stage: Zumarraga-Arantzazu (19,2 km)
    3. stage: Arantzazu-Araia (17,7 km)
    4. stage: Araia-Alda (21,5 km)
    5. stage: Alda-Genevilla (17,9 km)
    6. stage: Genevilla-Guardia (27 km)
  • Rioja
    7. stage: Guardia-Navarrete (17,3 km)
    8. stage: Navarrete-Logroño (13 km)
    9. stage: Logroño-Alcanadre (30,6 km)
    10. stage: Alcanadre-Calahorra (20,6 km)
    11. stage: Calahorra-Alfaro (24 km)
  • Navarra
    12. stage: Alfaro-Tudela (24,6 km)
    13. stage: Tudela-Gallur (36 km)
  • Aragon
    14. stage: Gallur-Alagón (21,2 km)
    15. stage: Alagón-Zaragoza (28,8 km)
    16. stage: Zaragoza-Fuentes de Ebro (26 km)
    17. stage: Fuentes de Ebro-Venta Santa Lucía (28,5 km)
    18. stage: Venta Santa Lucía-Bujaraloz (20,5 km)
    19. stage: Bujaraloz-Candasnos (20,2 km)
    20. stage: Candasnos-Fraga (26,3 km)
  • Catalonia
    21. stage: Fraga-Lleida (33 km)
    22. stage: Lleida-Castellnou de Seana (32,8 km)
    23. stage: Castellnou de Seana-Verdú (18 km)
    24. stage: Verdú-Cervera (16 km)
    25. stage: Cervera-Igualada (37 km)
    26. stage: Igualada-Montserrat (26,8 km)
    27. stage: Montserrat-Manresa (23,5 km)
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GR-120 Technical sheet stage by stage

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First stage: Azpeitia-Zumarraga
Start: Loiola Sanctuary
Destination: Zumarraga Square
Distance: 17,7 km.
Slope: +269 m
Duration: 4h 10'
Itinerary: Loyola Sanctuary, Urola green way, Zumarraga


Second stage: Zumarraga-Arantzazu
Start: Square of Zumarraga
Destination: Arantzazu Sanctuary
Distance: 18,9 km.
Slope: + 873 m.
Duration: 6h 30'
Itinerary: Zumarraga Square, Legazpi, Park of Mirandaola, Brinkola, Arantzazu Sanctuary


Third stage: Arantzazu-Araia
Start: Arantzazu Sanctuary
Destination: Araia
Distance: 15,9 km.
Slope: + 656 m.
Duration: 5h 50'
Itinerary: Arantzazu Sanctuary, Urbia, Portuzarra, Askasaroi, San Miguel, Ajuria Factory, Araia



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